Notification Appliances

Kingfisher notification appliances facilitate seamless, multi-modal mass notification and can be used to fulfill NFPA, UFC, FM and other code requirements. They can also be used for indoor as well as outdoor emergency notification applications, and fall into the classification of both regulated and special application notification appliances.

Our notification appliances come in the form of strobes, bells, chimes, speakers, horns and combination appliances such as power booster panels. They are also available in weatherproof and vandal-resistant models. Strobes are offered across a range of intensity options.

1002WEP Explosion Proof Siren

The 1002WEP EXPLOSION PROOF POWER ALARM siren is a rain tight solid state audible alarm, that features a choice of 9 field selectable tones plus remote control selection of 4 tones with priority. All models of 1002WEP alarms are o-ring gasketed and are UL listed for Class I, Group C & D locations, NEMA Type 4x, and marine outside (salt water) use.

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3150BEP Explosion Proof Strobe

The model 3150BEP family of single flash explosion proof UL listed strobe lights is designed for operation in hazardous areas rated Class I Group C & D (gas hazards) and Class II Group E, F, & G (dust hazards). Design features include a housing made of die cast high strength copper-free aluminum alloy with a baked powder epoxy finish, stainless steel hardware, o-ring sealed prestressed glass globe with double pitch acme threads for smooth assembly and ease of maintenance, and an optional guard which need not be removed for re-lamping. 3/4" conduit hubs are standard.

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Dual Sync Module

The Kingfisher Series DSM Sync Modules are utilized with the Series Exceder, Series AS/AH, Series RSS, Series RSSP, Series SLM and selected strobe applications with other Kingfisher combination appliances.

When used with Series AS Audible Strobes and/or Series Exceder Horn Strobes, the DSM Sync Modules provide independent operation of synchronized temporal pattern (code 3) horn and synchronized strobe flash, as well as the ability to silence the horn while maintaining the strobe flash. while using only a single pair of wires. The DSM-12/24 Sync Modules control either a Class A or two (2) Class B NAC circuits.

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Fire Notification Bells

The Kingfisher Inc. Series KFMB Motor Bells provide a better engineered motor bell for fire and life safety alarm systems. The Kingfisher Inc. Series KFMB Bells include higher dBA, low current draw, built-in trimplate for semi-flush mounting, low frequency aluminum shells, and low RFI noise. The motor for Series KFMB Bells is a durable, high torque permanent magnet motor selected for its high performance and long life.

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KF490S Series Hazardous Location Strobe

The KF490S Series Hazardous Location Strobe is a low profile, single flash, low cost strobe light which features a plug-in replaceable lamp and Lexan® lens. The high efficiency, solid state, power supply is fully potted in polyurethane for the ultimate in protection from moisture, vibration and exposure to high voltage.

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KF500P Series 12-28VDC Outdoor Strobe Low Profile Single Flash

The KF500P Series strobes are polarity protected and have built-in filters to protect against radio interference and spike voltages. The model KF500P features a fully potted, Lexan®, multi-purpose mounting base which is vibration and water resistant, and a field replaceable plug-in strobe lamp. The power supply output is 8 watts and generate 6 joules per flash.

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KF801P Series 120 VAC Outdoor Strobe Low Profile Single Flash

The model KF801P Series is a low profile single flash strobe light featuring a wide input voltage range of 120VAC, universal mounting, Lexan® lens, high efficiency regulated solid state potted power supply, and heavy duty xenon strobe lamp.

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NAC10/A NAC Power Booster Panel 10 Amp / 4 - 2.5 Amp Circuits

NAC/10A is a cost effective 10 Amp Power Limited Voltage Regulated remote Notification Appliance Control (NAC) expander unit. It may be connected to any UL Listed 12 or 24 Volt DC Fire Alarm Control Panel.

The NAC/10A supports all ADA requirements and will provide power to ancillary equipment with two Aux outputs (one automatically battery backed-up and one not). Each Aux. Output is rated for 1 Amp. The unit comes with either four Notification Appliance Circuits Class B (Style Y) or four Notification Appliance Circuits Class A (Style Z). All circuits are rated for a maximum of 2.5 Amps each (not to exceed 10 Amps per supply).

The NAC outputs can be independently programmed for Steady, Temporal or Strobe Synchronization. The outputs may also be programmed as "follower circuits" that will code following their inputs (eg: Sync in = Sync out).

Any two NAC Circuits may be paralleled to supply a single output of 4 Amps. Trouble is reported either through a set of common Trouble Dry Contacts or through the Input 1 or Input 2 terminations. Inputs can be programmed to trip any combination of up to 4 outputs.

The unit features a "Loop Output" trouble memory for aid in troubleshooting problem field circuits. Charges up to 65 Amp Hour Batteries with a programmable AC Fail delay.

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Speakers and Speaker Strobes

The Kingfisher Company, inc., high performance Series KFET Speakers and Series KFET Speaker Strobes provide high audio output, clear audibility, dual voltage (25/70 VRMS) capability and field selectable taps from 1/8 to 8 watts. They are designed to meet the critical needs of the life safety industry for effective emergency voice communications, tone signaling and visible signaling to alert the hearing impaired.

The low profile design incorporates a speaker mounting plate for faster and easier installation. Each model has a built-in level adjustment feature and an aesthetic two (2) screw grille cover.

The Series KFET Speaker Strobe models incorporate Low Current draw Series KFRSS Strobes. Strobe options for wall mount models include 1575 cd or Kingfisher Company, inc.'s patented MCW multi-candela strobe with field selectable candela settings of 15/30/75/110cd or the high intensity MCWH strobe with field selectable 135/185cd. Ceiling mount models are available in MCC multi-candela ceiling strobe with field selectable intensities of 15/30/75/95cd or the high intensity MCCH strobe with field selectable 115/177cd.

The strobe portion of all Series KFET Strobes may be synchronized when using the Kingfisher Company, inc., KFSM, KFDSM Sync Modules, Kingfisher Company, inc., NAC 10 Power Supply or other manufacturers panels incorporating the Kingfisher Company, inc., Patented Sync Protocol. Kingfisher Company, inc., synchronized strobes offer an easy way to comply with ADA recommendations concerning photosensitive epilepsy.

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Weatherproof Speakers, Strobes, Speaker Strobes and Mounting Accessories

All strobe models are UL dual listed - meeting both UL1638 and UL1971 requirements. As dual listed appliances, these weatherproof strobes, horn strobes and speaker strobes are listed for outdoor applications under UL 1638 as well as under UL 1971, the Standard for Safety Signaling Devices for Hearing Impaired. With an extended temperature range of –31°F to 150°F (-35°C to 66°C), Kingfisher Company inc.'s, weatherproof appliances meet or exceed UL outdoor test requirements for rain, humidity and corrosion resistance while providing multiple strobe intensity options, including the highest strobe ratings available for area coverage per NFPA 72 strobe spacing tables (up to 185 candela for wall mounting and 177 candela for ceiling mounting).

To enable weatherproof mounting, Kingfisher Company inc., provides the industry's widest choice of mounting options for surface or unique semi-flush installation. Models are available for surface mounting to Kingfisher Company, inc., weatherproof back-boxes on walls or ceilings.

The optional KFWP-KIT allows the weatherproof back-boxes (KFIOB, KFWPBB or KFWPSBB) to be mounted to a recessed electrical box for concealed conduit installation. For semi-flush installation, the KFWPA* and KFWFPA* kits allow a customer to mount the weatherproof appliances to a recessed electrical box without the need for an external weatherproof backbox. See the Back-boxes, Plates and Gaskets Table on page four of this document for a summarization of these mounting options and the required accessories.

All models may be synchronized using the Kingfisher Company, inc';s, KFDSM Sync Modules, Kingfisher Company inc.'s NAC10 Power Supplies or other manufacturers panels incorporating the Wheelock Patented Sync Protocol. The horn output of horn strobes can be independently controlled on 2-wire circuits using the Wheelock patented sync protocol. KFMTWP horn strobe models are 4-wire appliances; the strobes can be synchronized while the audible can be connected to a coded fire alarm system or can be set to produce any of eight selectable tones.

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