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Kingfisher Company, inc. (KCi) designs, manufactures and engineers, state-of-the-art emergency communication and fire detection systems. The Company sells complete systems as well as components for existing systems. A typical system manufactured by KCi might include one or more receivers/processors, radio call boxes, interfaces, evacuation devices, (PAS) antennas, battery chargers and rechargeable batteries.

KCi is considered a leader of radio dispatch emergency communication systems and is known for their high end technical developments in radio fire, security and medical reporting systems and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) software.

Our Technology

KCi leading edge communications systems are based upon radio transmission technology. Radio based systems tend to be more economical than traditional hard-wired systems. In addition, radio alarm transmitting facilitates rapid transmission of signals, saving critical seconds during emergency situations in the most diverse conditions.

Existing radio systems can be expanded due to the absence of hard-wired connections. The receiving station has an AM (or FM-FSK) receiver which is specially designed for radio call box applications. Transmitted signals from up to 25 miles (line of site) away can be received and decoded by the receiver and processor, without the need of a repeater.

KCi manufactures a complete line of Repeaters, which, can extend the range to any required distance, or may be used in severe topographical locations.

Our Customer Base

KCi's customer base includes commercial, industrial, institutional and military customers throughout the world.

KCi systems are currently in service in Alaska, Japan, Korea, Guam, Hawaii and the continental United States. KCi can also be located in diverse locations such as Antarctica, Middle East and Persian Gulf area.

Kingfisher Advantage

  • Founded in 1964, KCi continues to support an outstanding reputation for reliable, quality products acquired through years of business.
  • Extensive experience within the fire detection, suppression and the emergency communications industry.
  • Company prides itself with long-standing relationships.
  • A large diversified customer base including commercial, industrial and military applications.
  • Reputation for providing high quality, state-of-the-art systems
  • Listing agencies approvals include FCC, UL and FM.
  • GSA Contract #GS-07F-0349K

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