Mass Notification

The Kingfisher Mass Notification System alerts your entire facility, base, or site of a crisis situation. Our fast and efficient communication systems allow you to respond and resolve an issue, protecting all personnel in the event of an emergency.

Amber Colored Lens Strobe

Kingfisher colored lens strobe appliances are designed to offer easy installation and sleek modern esthetics. The appliances' comprehensive feature list includes the most candela options in one appliance, low current draw, no tools needed for setting changes, voltage test points, 12/24 VDC operation, universal mounting base and multiple mounting options for both new and retrofit construction. The Mass Notification strobes are available with blue, red, or green lenses through special order. The colored lens strobe products are listed under UL Standard 1638 for general signaling and the amber lens strobe has been tested to meet UL 1971 light distribution. These appliances are suitable for indoor applications.

The Kingfisher amber colored lens appliances incorporate high reliability and high efficiency optics to minimize current draw allowing for a greater number of appliances on the notification appliance circuit. All strobe models feature an industry first of 8 candela settings on a single appliance. All switches to change settings, can be set without the use of a tool and are located behind the appliance to prevent tampering. Wall models feature voltage test points to take readings with a voltage meter for troubleshooting and AHJ inspection.

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Bell Base Pedestal with Pole

This Bell Base Pedestal with Pole is designed to work with KF1/KF3 Kingfisher Transmitters and Kingfisher Antenna's. The Pedestal can either be mounted to a surface "permanently" with the Anchor Cage option or a "portable" stabilizing base can be used for portability. Power can be supplied from a local source or a Kingfisher Solar Cell Battery Charger can be ordered with a KF1/KF3 Transmitter.

The Bell Base Pedestal with Pole can be used in any area that needs a temporary or permanent emergency radio transmission system.

Suggested temporary uses are in dry docks, industrial plants, refineries, shipping ports, outdoor areas of assembly, high rise construction sites, and temporary replacement of existing warning system during renovations.

Suggested permanent locations: municipalities, campuses, outdoor areas, or anywhere where an outdoor permanent means of emergency communication is required.

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KFLEMD Emergency Message Display

The KFLEMD Emergency Message Display is an LED illuminated text sign designed to comply with UFC requirements for mass notification systems. Where a text sign is required over the door of egress stairwells or other locations. It comes with two independently illuminated text messages: Announcement and Evacuate.

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MNS UBIC Universal Building Interface Controller

The MNS UBIC is a is a self-contained Auxiliary Signaling Device that provides either Radio or Network connectivity to Emergency Communication Systems.

The MNS UBIC connects communications equipment to a digital network using Radio, Ethernet, or Fiber Optics. The MNS UBIC offers superior audio quality with a minimal use of network bandwidth.

The MNS UBIC is intended for use with emergency communication systems and Kingfisher Company, inc. products such as the KCi Emergency Communication System, KCi High Powered Speaker Arrays and KCi Map Client Software. The MNS UBIC is contained in a NEMA-1 cabinet and derives power from a 100 to 120VAC circuit.

The MNS has a unique Ethernet address and an RJ-45 physical jack. A 10/100BASE-T device operates at 100Mbps and interconnects to a hub (star topology) using standard CAT 5 twisted pair cable.

The MNS UBIC responds to DTMF tones compatible with Whelen sirens. It supports live voice and prerecorded audio transmitted over the KCi MNS network. It responds to status requests with it's Power Status.

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Red Location Light

Vapor-tight Red Location Light. For Location requiring durable, protected lighting fixtures, wet and dirt laden locations such as industrial environments requiring enclosed and gasketed (vapor-tight) fixtures, lighting walkways, tunnels, loading docks, exits, stairwells, fixtures intended for base up mounting, and for heat resistant glass globes recommended for wet locations.

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Solar Cell Kit

The KFSCBC comes complete with a built-in blocking diode and a 15' UV resistant output cable.

KCi's solar panels come complete with a ten foot UV resistant output cable. The anodized aluminum frame provides for easy mounting to the optional mounting brackets and also offer full protection for years of continued charging.

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KCi's Emergency Communications System (ECS) is an In-Building MNS for fire alarm, emergency communications and voice evacuation with 24 VDC battery back up. Designed for Department of Defense facilities to meet the UFC requirements for automatic alarm audible shutoff after 10 minutes, the SP40S-D includes a 10 minute timeout feature.

The ECS, which meets UL 2572 requirements for MNS, interfaces with a building fire alarm system (FAS) to provide a complete In-Building MNS. An integral part of the fire system, the ECS can control all audio and visual notification appliances for both fire and MNS and reports trouble and supervisory signal through the FAS. Supervised voice speakers controlled by the ECS can be used for both fire and emergency communication applications.

The ECS single channel system is capable of delivering 40 watts of supervised high fidelity audio power and 2 amps of supervised 24 VDC synchronized strobe power. It comes standard with an on-board digital voice messaging system with 8 standard messages, a hand-held microphone for fire messages, power supply/battery charger and numerous additional features. A dedicated MNS microphone (ECS-MIC) will be utilized for live voice messages for emergency communications. The Emergency Communications System is expandable to 5280 watts utilizing the ECS-80/4 (80 watts and 4 amps of strobe power), the ECS-160 (160 watts) or ECS-320 (320 watts) supervised audio power boosters. All models available in 115 VAC or 220 VAC.

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