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Kingfisher batteries and battery accessories ensure all of your devices are working properly. All of the batteries we offer are leak and spill proof, even if left upside down for extended periods of time. We have an entire selection of batteries, battery packs, chargers, cabinets, and corrosion inhibitor tape.

BC1R Series Battery Cabinet

The BC1R Series Battery Cabinet is designed for the professional installation of systems requiring battery storage and meets the requirement of NFPA 72 (1-5.2.9) standby battery storage for battery backup.

The BC1R allows for easy access and maintenance of the batteries while also assisting against interference or degeneration of the battery.

The unit can be mounted securely to a wall, preventing mechanical injury or damage to other equipment.

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The 8-circuit battery charger Model KFCB-8M is specifically designed for recharging Kingfisher rechargeable 12 volt lead acid batteries with polarized connectors.

The Battery Charger operates on 120V AC source, with sealed lead or gel gel rate charging. The Battery Charger charges and monitors up to 8 battery packs, batteries or a combination simultaneously. It has a built-in meter for instant readings of the amperes and voltages of each battery on charge. In addition, each charging circuit has a built-in charge mode indicator. The Battery Charger recharges discharged sealed lead acid batteries to their "equalized" 100% state of charge condition. It will recharge up to 55AH and equalize a discharged battery in 48 hours or less. Higher amp-hour batteries can also be recharged but the re-charge time will increase based on the amp-hour rating and the state of discharge.

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BPSLA Rechargeable Battery Packs

The construction of this Kingfisher Battery Pack (BPSLA) is pressure sealed, allowing it to be charged and discharged in any position. Cylindrical spiral-wound plate design results in low internal impedance and the highest energy and power density of any lead-acid battery.

The gates sealed lead-acid cell offers superior performance with up to ten year life expectancy and true maintenance-free characteristics. This Battery Pack permits faster charge and discharge rates and greater shelf life as compared to other types of batteries. In standby situations these Battery Packs exhibit low self-discharge rates, approximately 4 times Lower than sealed ni-cads, which render them ideal for long periods of standby usage.

Other features of these Battery Packs are: Stable voltage over a wide temperature range, long life in float/constant current charge applications because of high purity grids, no "memory effect" ( important for long standby application).

All battery packs should be fully charged before being placed in service. Kingfisher Company inc., ships all batteries fully charged.

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KFSLA Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

The Kingfisher Company, inc., (KFSLA)rechargeable batteries are of sealed lead acid, (SLA), also know as valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries, maintenance-free construction with a fully gelled electrolyte in a polypropylene case.

These batteries will not leak or spill even if left upside down for extended periods of time. All battery packs should be fully charged before being placed in service. Kingfisher Company, inc., ships all batteries fully charged.

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Kingfisher Battery MSDS Material Safety Datasheet

The Material Safety Datasheet for all Kingfisher batteries and battery packs.

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