Emergency Communication & Fire Detection Systems for Municipalities

Since 1964, Kingfisher has helped ensure the safety of facilities and communities. We design, manufacture and engineer state-of-the-art emergency communication and fire detection systems that help prevent injuries and save lives.

In today’s world, rapid, informative communication is a necessity for crisis management. That’s why our emergency equipment goes far beyond a traditional fire alarm that simply alerts occupants of an area that a problem exists. It includes mass notification systems designed to provide specific instructions that can save critical seconds during emergency situations.

Using radio transmission technology, Kingfisher equipment allows you to broadcast live, up-to-the-minute emergency information to everyone in a building, on a campus or spread among multiple facilities in a city. The ability to disseminate critical commands – such as evacuate, relocate or shelter-in-place – can be the difference between keeping people out of harm’s way and a mass tragedy.

The full range of Kingfisher equipment can be configured to accommodate the needs of any municipality. Whether your community is a small township with several dozen buildings, a large port authority, or even a population-dense city with hundreds of buildings, we can customize an effective emergency operations system.

Our technical experts are always available to recommend systems and design configurations for your specific requirements. We understand that municipal budgets are tight. That’s why we’ll work with you to develop the most cost-effective solution to accomplish your objectives.

Kingfisher products exceed industry standards and meet the widest range of codes. In most cases, they can interface with your existing equipment. They are designed for easy installation and require minimal maintenance. Field-adjustable settings across all components make any adjustments simple and easy.

Our systems are assembled with the capacity for reconfiguration or future expansion to better withstand the trials of time. Kingfisher equipment is capable of adapting to your municipal requirements while providing functional consistency.

Built to last, even in harsh conditions, you can expect all Kingfisher equipment to provide years of reliable, problem-free performance. We proudly stand behind its quality and durability. Should any product ever need service, we provide fast, professional support and a streamlined repair process.

We offer complete lines of the following products:

  • Interior and exterior monitoring and reporting equipment
  • Interior and exterior audio/voice evacuation systems (MNS)
  • Computer-aided dispatching software
  • Incident and alarm reporting software

Make sure your community is prepared with today’s most advanced emergency communication and fire detection systems. Contact us today to discover how Kingfisher can help you achieve a reliable safety presence, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., (978) 596-0214, (888) 687-5324 (U.S. only).

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